“Our old property manager missed meetings and projects never seemed to get done. Now that we have partnered with RE/MAX, everything is completed on time and within budget. We are now able to tackle much bigger projects with confidence.”
Tom Munro, Council President, Parkside, North Vancouver
“The differences between the two property management companies were significant. The first one we had was very poor on execution, not answering questions or delivering on promises that had been made. Once RE/MAX took over, the change was instant. Things now get done very quickly.”
Adam Cantor, Council President, Morgan Crossing, Surrey

“Moving from one strata company to the next in the receivership process was overwhelming. Ken from RE/MAX held the developer to task and really got things done for us.”
Paula Limberg – Council President, H&H Yaletown, Vancouver
“We were so grateful to have RE/MAX Property Management accept our Strata Corp. as one of their clients. We came to RE/MAX with some problems, and frankly wondered whether they'd even be interested. Thanks to RE/MAX, we are now back in the black.”
Pamela Barton, Council President, Maple Manor, Vancouver

Prompt & Reliable Service

“I came home to find water pouring through the bathroom ceiling. I phoned our property manager and within 30 minutes had not only a plumber but also a handyman on site. The leaks were stopped and the pipes were repaired. It was done very, very quickly.”

Trish Gabriel, Council Member, Connaught Estates, Vancouver

Unmatched Service

“We have been using the property management services of RE/MAX for the past 10 years, and are very satisfied. They respond promptly to emergencies, address all our questions and concerns, and don’t hesitate to research information as needed. Our strata meetings and AGM are run efficiently and their assistance with special projects
has been greatly appreciated.”

Marlane Donnelly, Council President, Fairview Gardens, Vancouver

Concise Communications

“Thanks to RE/MAX, we now get financial statements that are easy to read. If we have any questions, they are answered promptly. Making a comparison to our previous property management company is difficult, because they provided us with no financial structure at all.”

Adam Cantor, Council President, Morgan Crossing, Surrey

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